What Percentage of Indianapolis is Black? A Comprehensive Look

This article looks at what percentage of Indianapolis is black, including high school graduation rates and initiatives to promote diversity and inclusion.

What Percentage of Indianapolis is Black? A Comprehensive Look

The city of Indianapolis was founded on the White River with the false belief that it could be a viable transportation source. However, the colonists soon realized that the river was too sandy for commercial use. The city's name comes from Jeremiah Sullivan, a judge of the Indiana Supreme Court, who combined Indiana with polis, a Greek word meaning city. When it comes to high school graduation rates, whites have the highest rate at 78.84%, followed by Asians at 37.72%. The population of Indianapolis is approximately 79.7% white, 18.9% black, 2.7% Asian, 0.3% Native American, and 0.2% Pacific Islander.

This means that the black population in Indianapolis is estimated to be around 18.9%, making it one of the most diverse cities in the United States. The city has a long history of racial tension and segregation, but in recent years there has been an effort to bridge the gap between different racial groups. The city has implemented initiatives such as the Indianapolis Urban League and the Indianapolis Urban League Young Professionals to help promote diversity and inclusion in the city. In addition to these initiatives, there are also several organizations that are dedicated to helping African Americans in Indianapolis. These organizations include the African American Coalition of Indianapolis, the Black United Fund of Indiana, and the Indianapolis Urban League. Overall, Indianapolis is a diverse city with a large black population that is actively working to bridge the gap between different racial groups. This is evidenced by its high school graduation rates and its commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion through various initiatives and organizations.

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